Sad Songs About Us

by Young Philosopher

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released March 15, 2013

Thank you to everyone who supported and helped us through getting this EP done. It wasn't easy and we couldn't have done without the help of our friends and family

A special thank you to Daniel Ferri he did a fantastic job producing and can be contacted at

Young Philosopher is
Mackenzie Healy: Vocals, Guitar
Erik Dzirko: Bass, Guitar, Backing vocals
Connor Kasabian: Drums



all rights reserved


Young Philosopher Newton, New Jersey

Young Philosopher formed in May of 2012
they are from northern New Jersey and have a passion for rockin out and being sad

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Track Name: Sad Songs (Demo)
I'm aware that were growing up
and this has taken a lot of thought
I think I'm moving up I'm moving in and getting down
I dont know what I'm gonna do when
when my friends aren't around

I'm not feeling like myself
I would go home but they'd mistake me for someone else

My right ear's always ringing
you talk to loudly
and I am always singing
sad songs about us
sad songs about you
you said you'd be there waiting after school

I guess this is goodbye
I guess this is good luck
and no I'm not gonna cry
that doesn't mean I dont give a fuck
I'm gonna miss you guys
I know we'll be just fine
This isn't last goodbye
This is see you around
Track Name: October Thoughts (Demo)
Its more than awkward when I say sorry
and I dont look into your eyes
I know its been hard but man I'm trying
I think we'll come out of this fine
I'm learning slowly but I am learning
that these things play out over time
I know you're angry just please stop shouting
dont you know I'm on your side?
Its like that old detective novel that's been sitting on your shelf
Ill lend a hand and help you find you when I can finally find myself

I need to breathe
Theres something about you that still means something to me

I know you think that everything's great
That it will all work out just fine
But I'm afraid that much more has been
going on inside of my mind
I'm thinking of leaving I'm thinking of going
Maybe out somewhere where it has stopped snowing
Maybe out somewhere where I can be different
Maybe out somewhere where I can make a difference
Maybe out somewhere where I can be a man
Maybe out somewhere I can follow it
My own damn plans

I need to scream
Theres something about you why should you mean a fucking thing to me?
(Maybe I could let it go maybe I could forget it)

Just keep repeating
The same old lies and the same old boring stories
(Maybe I could let it go maybe i could forget it)

Ive been thinking of leaving
Ive been thinking of going away
Track Name: Strawdog (Demo)
I thought you would call me back or something
It’s been two months and I’ve heard nothing
I figure its time to put this behind me
Torch up that bridge and make this all history

Baby don’t leave me shaking
Baby don’t leave me hanging

I’ve been through a lot but everybody has
And I’m not the type to complain bout insignificance
I’m a private type of guy who likes to keep secrets
But I can look into your eyes and I can’t keep from screaming

And I can put it out put it out
Or I could take it down take it down
But I wouldn’t consider myself a liar
And I wouldn’t consider myself a coward
Track Name: Give it up John (Demo)
My vision blurred and the sky turned gray
Ive run out of anything to say
I'm sorry but this is it
I wake up too much as it is
Track Name: Hampton (Demo)
After all is said and done you’re still gone
And after all my battles won I still lost
And I could stay angry
Or I could let the pain in my stomach cease
Yeah I could be happy
Maybe next year I can be

Well Ive been fighting myself
Along with everyone else around me
And I don’t know what I believe in
Lately Ive been retreating from everything
I hope I find elation
Theres a photo of me outside the police station

Hope is a blurry when your senses are shot and your stomach is stirred
And I know you will find this absurd but you’ve been on my mind all night
I just keep breathing

I'm forcing you out of my head
Everything you were to me is dead
I'm moving on I found someone
We knew it couldn’t last but we had some fun
All of this had to come to an end
I'm losing hope losing all my friends

I’m not gonna sing about you anymore
I'm not made of glass ill get past it
I'm not gonna sing about you anymore
I'm not closing the door I'm slamming it